02 Dezembro 2016

Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson


Last night in Manhattan, at trendy downtown hot spot Le Coucou, Salvatore Ferragamo celebrated Esquire's Style Mavericks.

Hosted by EIC Jay Fielden and joined by James Ferragamo, the evening played testament to rule breakers who affirm unique personality through incomparable style.

Among VIP guests (select photos attached) wearing head to toe Salvatore

Ferragamo: actor Ben Barnes, model Lindsay Ellingson, photographer Douglas Friedman, influencer Alice Gao, model Rose Gilroy, socialite and stylist Meredith Melling,  models Sean O’Pry and Samantha Gradoville, actor Zachary Quinto, athlete Robbie Rogers, influencer Nausheen Shah, actor Sebastian Stan, blogger Anthony Urbano and more.


Galeria de Imagens

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      Anthony Urbano

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      Alice Gao, Lauren Remington-Platt, Nausheen Shah

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2du176abtp1ds1g2t1d7i7.jpg

      Jay Fielden, James Ferragamo

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2du1959g3ca41at214vn6.jpg

      Ben Barnes

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2du1ehor2u1gdmsbobc09.jpg

      Robbie Rogers

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2du4631g7914e97na1mu98.jpg

      Lindsay Ellingson

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2dv13vm11h2dducn714psd.jpg

      Sebastian Stan,

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2dv1i6v9pn1nf5m539ija.jpg

      Rose Gilroy, Meredith Melling

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2dvo0s1vb91u429b5l4uc.jpg

      Sebastian Stan, Zachary Quinto

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2upt2e0n2l1esegmp1dai1rnfe.jpg

      Zachary Quinto

    • Click to enlarge image p1b2uqad25ecn1m4qmueepsujjs.jpg

      Samantha Gradoville, Sean O'Pry.

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